December 15, 2013

Countdown to Xmas

There have been many things going on this week - and thankfully they are mainly good. They help a little to offset the stress of finishing a long to do list at work.

Molly turned 9 on Thursday and she had a few friends over for a party yesterday.

Nice outfit Caitlin!

yum cakes with little dog paw patterns

Thanks Mum 
And to remind us it is Xmas their lovely tree..

Ours at home is only half decorated so far - a wee job for today. .. but the wreaths are on the doors and the house is strung with fairly lights. It feels lovely.

We had a Xmas work do on Friday .... our HOD not-so-Secret Santa present was all about us. We are just not sure how he summed us up so accurately!

Alex planted some Poppies this year - so I got a picture of Poppy sitting with them.

Really happy to have another fabulous early walk with Jessie now that she is recovered from her anaesthetic and checked out our baby geese.

and for the first time we have a birds nest near our deck - just one baby but a Blackbird comes and feeds it regularly. We are keeping a careful eye on Rupert, who still enjoys a tasty morsel of baby bird when he can. I expect Beatrice would too, but she is a bit old and frail now to climb up there.

Will follow the baby's progress with interest.

Wonderful week planned - choirs and parties and celebrations. If I can get the work all done this week I can enjoy a break for the holidays - :) :) :)
Take care


  1. Lovely lot of images... is Caitlin a 'Mummy'?

  2. Yes, but wIth a bit of make up I think she would have made a great zombie Katherine!

  3. The "Poppy with poppies" picture is great - so summery! It feels good, doesn't it, having so many nice things to do, even if they keep us very busy and on the go from morning to night.

  4. I was going to curse you out for not explaining Caitlin, but I see you did down here. Thank you!

  5. What a heart-warming post. Good to see Poppy doing well. Enjoy your full and hectic life.


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