December 6, 2013

End of year celebrations....

After a brilliant week of final award lunches for our last two classes the festivities began today for all the people remaining on campus.  We started in our little department with a relaxed snack and drink at the CBD bar in Madras St, moving on to joining everyone for the fancy dress parade at work. The theme this year was Book Characters.

Just a little idea of what we get up to after the students finish....

We found a lot of Wally's

Great effort from facilities management - but they have room to build a boat and we don't

Our technician crew do James Bond....
Miss Moneypenny and James lead the way
Many Dalmatians
Oompa Loompas
The Marvels

A very hot day with plenty to drink, good music and a lot of fun. :)
When the cats away.....


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  2. What a hoot! I love the idea that the 'things' might meet the oompa loompas which in turn meet a whole lot of Wallys... What a weird story that might make.

  3. Those days seem so long ago and I was too serious then to enjoy them as much. Now I'd be happy taking part I'd just look ridiculous! C'est la vie.


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