December 21, 2013

Holidays at last!!!

Beatrice has the right idea....
First day off. Bliss.

We are puppy sitting "Frankie" overnight. He seems to have made himself at home...

The floor is too hard despite his special blanket..

Thats more like it

We managed to get to the beach with them before the rain started..

He is 15 weeks old

Loved the little hut on the high tide line....

Wouldn't have minded curling up inside with a good book and a perfect view of the waves

Had a lovely night out last night at my friend Libby's farewell from work. We have been friends and worked together for 13 years and had so much fun.  I shall miss her very much but look forward to some good excuses for a trip to Nelson regularly. The farewell started with lunch in town and later a barbecue high in the hills above Christchurch with spectacular views over the city.

One of Libby's presents was a memento of Christchurch so she won't forget us when they move to Nelson next month. No one who lives here will ever see road cones the same way again!  The earthquakes have affected many people in different ways - through anxiety, stress, depression, financial loss, years of uncertainty, road rage, and even though exciting new developments offer hope for the future, I see more and more of the hidden toll appearing.  Losing friends from the city for life in distant, settled areas is just one of the ways we are all affected.

Stuffed road cone....
Meanwhile, the countdown to Xmas is well underway here. Liam is home from Nelson and the tree is up. Tomorrow we will get together to celebrate my mothers birthday before my brother leaves for Vancouver on Monday.

Which reminds me that is is one year ago this Monday since my first phone call from my first mother. It has been a wonderful year getting to know her :)



  1. Your first photo makes me want to sit down next to the cat and stroke her soft belly, like I used to do with my cats (with the exception of Moritz, our big black cat who would allow no-one near his belly).
    Frankie is adorable! If he is that size at 15 weeks, I wonder how big he'll be when he's finished growing :-)

  2. Frankie is Goooorrrrgeous!!! Everything is gorg! The tree, days off, more days off, reading some books and the rest. Can't wait. Best wishes to your mum and family. We will catch up with you soon xxxxxxxxx

  3. Frankie (we had a Lhasa Apso of that name) is a lovely looking fellow.
    Happy Christmas Fi and fi-amily.

  4. I wish for you a very happy Christmas and a settled New Year.


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