December 9, 2013

Peaceful walk in Horseshoe Lake and some bad news.

Some things linger in your memory . You know at the time they are special but only hindsight can reinforce why.

I took an early morning walk with the dogs to beat the heat and tire them out before the visitors arrived from Vancouver.  It was so early even the ducks were still sleeping in the morning sun.

There were babies galore...

The earthquake damage is everywhere... the path is steadily slipping towards the water

Look at the bridge angle...

The dogs enjoyed a good run in the dog park area...

The path leads down to the view of the red zone where I check out the demolition process of the houses - there is only one house to be seen now, barely visible through the trees :(

The information hut tells you more about the area...

All the houses in the middle are being demolished.

The birds were particularly noisy. I have noticed it at home too and thought it was because we have less cats at home, but the mass removal of homes in the centre of the picture above must have an impact on the wildlife too.

So yes it was particularly beautiful but why was it such a memorable day?
Yesterday afternoon Alex noticed that Jessie had a problem under her tongue.  She is 15 next month and we know she is potentially on borrowed time but she still runs around happily and enjoys life.  However, it looks like a squamous cell carcinoma eroding the area under her tongue and if it is, it is highly malignant and rapidly spreads around the body. She doesn't want us to look closely at it. So I made the decision I had to and she is booked in for a general anaesthetic later in the week.  Yes, maybe the outcome will be ok and it could be just an infection or a foreign body, or worst case, it might be too bad to let her wake up again.  Hope springs eternal and fingers crossed we will get a bit longer with her.

Our little walk together yesterday morning may not be our last walk together, but it will always stay in my mind as a special memory. The peace before the storm.


  1. Sorry to hear Jessie's health problem, and of course I hope for the best.

    Years ago, the road behind the building where I used to work was closed off for many months because of construction work to a nearby bridge going on. My office window was looking out on that road, and I never saw and heard so many birds and squirrels as during that long, blissfully quiet summer.
    Naturally, once the construction work with heavy equipment reached the road, it became so noisy and dusty we couldn't keep our windows open anymore.

  2. A particularly poignant post, Fiona, on so many levels. I hope for the best for Jessie.

  3. Oh Dear. Lovely walk, fingers crossed.


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