December 26, 2013

Second Xmas celebrations

It actually feels like my third day of Xmas because I sang on the stage as part of the choir at the 66th YMCA Carols by Candlelight on Christmas Eve - a beautiful still, warm night with a few thousand people watching, The Salvation Army Band were amazing.

This morning I had a lovely chat with my first mother in England and I promised her some family photos. We made an effort to take a group shot this year.... so here we are - all but Poppy in this one. I will take the chance to wish all the rest of the extended family still in the UK or Canada a Happy Xmas too. 

At lunchtime I took the girls their presents.  

They already had quite a pile still under the tree and others already put away, but they seemed to like mine and they gave Poppy and I some lovely ones back....

Love the sculpture with the trumpet.
Molly in charge of the camera..... 
The rain drizzled on and off all day - but we managed a walk after a late lunch and lazy afternoon...

 Rosie and Poppy ran round like mad things chasing birds...

Then it was time for another meal.... more leftovers with some extra goodies.  "Is it time yet" pleads Phoebe...

Phoebe still waiting patiently...  but I can assure you, it was worth it! Nom nom nom. Caitlin made the trifle and we had meringues and cream with raspberries from Otahuna Berries.

Thank you Jaz and Mark for a lovely day xxxx 

I will leave you with some great pics Alex took of the dogs this week... and dear old Motley, who is pushing 20 years old, lives full time with our neighbours who adore him,  but comes over for visits and sleeps on the dog's beds....

I hope you all had a lovely Xmas too.


  1. What a lovely day: one of those warm, comfortable days and posts that makes others happy by allowing your happiness to shine out.

  2. The family picture is wonderful! I love the way your mother looks there, placed in the centre, at the heart of the family. She has such a dignified and at the same time friendly and kind look on her face - and if I am not very much mistaken, I can detect a twinkle in her eyes ;-)

    Wow, lots of presents! I can't work out what half of them are.

    Motley's picture pretty much sums up what I've been doing yesterday, and most of today. That's what holidays are for!

    1. Definitely a twinkle there Mieke :)
      Sleeping sounds a good idea tomorrow!

  3. Thank you! We had a lovely Christmas, albeit cold and snowy where we are, so turkey and trimmings was just the ticket! Merry Christmas!


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