December 13, 2013

Thankful Thursday


I missed a Thankful Thursday post as I was out enjoying the new Hobbit movie... Hope it's not a whole year until part 3 :(  so posting very early even though it is officially on Friday! So Jessie had her check up yesterday and so far, it seems to be an infection. Thank you for all the kind messages and crossed fingers :)  she had a dental tune up and some good drugs and has spent a peaceful night. 
So I am certainly thankful and looking forward to lots of great things today and over the weekend.
Staff party today.  It will be more fun than last years... Can tell already.  Different vibe, happier days. For me and everyone else.
It was gorgeous Mollies ninth birthday yesterday too so really looking forward to seeing her to give her a present.  

Going to see the new interpretation of The Mikado at the Court Theatre.  Sounds excellent and live theatre is always fun.

Lunch at The Raspberry Cafe with the clinic... And get some berries to bring home too. Love that place..... 

My brother and partner have been here all week but are off again touring the South Island so hope the weather is better than the North Island week. Back later in the week for Mum's birthday celebrations next weekend. Been lovely to see them both.

Liam will be home soon for Xmas.... Still finishing his flying hours but he has his commercial helicopter licence now... Job hunting underway if you know of anything :)

Must get moving and start the day.  
Have a great weekend 



  1. Very good reasons to be thankful for! Glad Jessie will, by the looks of it, have many more such wonderful walks with you as you wrote about the other day.

  2. Jessie looks very relaxed after all your concern! And parties, Christmas prep and live theatre all before Christmas - what a super time of year! Perhaps you could squeeze in a helicopter ride too, to give you perspective?

    1. Liam took James and Jess up in the glass bubble - they said he flew it beautifully but they felt at complete mercy of the winds up there.... I think I would be kissing the ground when we landed, even after five minutes.

  3. I'm so pleased at your news (or rather Jessie's news). Sounds like you are having a wonderful end to the years as well. I used to love travelling around the Islands in a chopper: the ultimate way to travel in my book.


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