December 17, 2013

Unseasonal Weather

We were lucky the hail missed us last night but others were not so lucky.
Hail stones up to 3cm in diameter ripped across Mid-Canterbury last night, smashing windows and damaging crops.

A southerly storm dropped hail on Mayfield, near Ashburton, for about 50 minutes, and MetService received unconfirmed reports of a tornado.

Its grey and miserable here today and the forecast is for a wet Xmas.

They also had another large earthquake down in Tuatapere, Southland. 6.2 with aftershocks about 5.

Guessing my brother and his partner are having an interesting tour of the South Island!
They are back Thursday.

Come back summer!


  1. Never mind wet - I wish for a safe (in terms of earthquakes) Christmas for you more than anything!

  2. I saw the report on the news this evening Fiona. Looked bad. Here we are having beautiful hot days and then late afternoon the thunderclouds roll down from the ranges and we have a storm that clears the air. It was mid afternoon today but I'm writing this at nearly 10pm and its been thunder and lightning and rain for about an hour now. It's weird weather for sure.


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