January 20, 2014

Fallen Eagle... Wellington earthquake.

The huge eagle with Gandalf aboard that hovers above the people in Wellington Airport was shaken loose by the earthquake up there this afternoon...
It is advertising the latest Hobbit movie, The Desolation of Smaug.
Certainly desolated now...


A "severe'' magnitude 6.3 quake has damaged homes and closed roads in the lower North Island, toppling walls and chimneys and sending rockfalls across roads.

The quake struck 10km north of Castlepoint in Wairarapa, at a depth of 50km, at 3.52pm, GeoNet said.

Sara Page, GeoNet public information specialist at GNS Science, said GeoNet had received more than 6000 "felt" reports from the public by 4.30pm, with some reporting damage.

"As expected after a quake of this size, there have been multiple aftershocks, and these will continue for some time as the region settles," she said.

There are more photos on that link too...

I am pleased to say I didn't feel this one personally- but I do feel for the people up there. We know all too well the fear it creates.


  1. I felt it in Napier, Fiona, and the closed doors in The Cottage rattled strongly. As is always the case my first thought was "who's copped it this time".


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