January 2, 2014

Family travels

We have had a wonderful Xmas season with family visiting - even if the weather hasn't been as perfect as it could be.  My brother has returned to Vancouver, but both of his sons have arrived here - Blair from Vancouver and Nick from where he lives in Paris, with his lovely girlfriend Sylvia, who lives in Paris but is from Madrid.  Luckily, although Spanish is her native tongue, she speaks fluent French so Nick does a great job of translating for us us all when we get too fast and noisy for her to follow.

There are some photos of us all together for a couple of nights floating around - I just haven't got copies yet, but the cousins are all enjoying catching up with each other and their grandparents are loving having them all here at the same time - first time for 14 years.  Just sad my brother missed it by days!

Liam and Alex took them off to Governors Bay this week - and stopped at She Chocolat to admire the view over a hot chocolate on a beautiful sunny afternoon.

Yesterday they took off for a South Island tour - Lake Hawea, Milford, sea kayaking, Queenstown this week.  Then the visiting trio fly up north and work their way south again, getting back here later in the month.  Blair is looking for engineering work so plans to stay on this side of the world for a while.

Ready to leave - Alex with Nick and Blair and the rental car

Geraldine picnic

More sun will make it all better for them - but the views are always spectacular...
Lake Pukaki

Meanwhile - Jessie watches out the window. You can just see Motley prowling in the garden.

and Beatrice curls up in Alex's washing...

Safe trip and have fun :)


  1. Wow Fi! Have scrolled down and done a quick catch up on your Christmas holidays! What a time you've had with family get-togethers! It all sounds and looks so wonderful! Just showed The Man the pics and he said - Warm Christmas - I could get used to that! Me too! sigh.....

    Thanks for commenting over on my blog - and thanks for the link! I didn't know if I would get back to blogging again but I think I will be!
    I think of you just as much as I think of Mickle - which is every single day! And that's with a smile on my face and a big warm hug!


  2. It's a very small world now in terms of mobility for living and working. I've usually lived in places where people move around a great deal: Liverpool, Scotland's Isle of Lewis (where many many of the generations before me worked in the Southern Ocean and knew South Georgia and New Zealand very well) and New Zealand where, despite its isolated location people come and go as naturally as crossing the English Channel/La Manche if one lives in the South of England. I'm glad that you've had family around you at this time of year.

  3. The picture of Lake Pukaki is breathtakingly spectacular!!
    It's great that you are all (well, almost all) having the opportunity to spend time together.


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