January 25, 2014

Happy Birthday Dad and the end of the holidays

This week Alex and I went over the Port Hills with my parents for lunch at She Universe Chocolat Cafe in Governor's Bay to celebrate Dad's Birthday....  it was a gorgeous day and we sat out on the deck to enjoy the view.

The food was beautiful.

Meringue, berry coulis and cream with a hot chocolate. Heaven.....

We went home via Lyttleton, then over to Sumner and finished with some shopping at The Tannery.   Thanks for a really lovely day and glad you had such a good birthday  :)

Last week we visited the The Tea House in Lincoln.  High Tea and fine china....  worth a vist :)

It has been a good week - technically the last week of my holidays although I did do a lot of work from home...

Spent a lovely day with The Girls  -

Pyjamas and swapped Ipads....
 and Mark cooked us dinner. Caitlin helped too...

Rhubarb and Apricot Crumble in progress....

Rosie let Poppy eat with her.... even gave her the extra large bowl!

The Annual World Buskers Festival is here in town.  Alex took Nick and Sylvia and got pulled up on stage, and then on Sunday we went to see The Boy with Tape on his Face. 

Sam is immensely talented and it was hilarious.  He is very successful now overseas and it was a pleasure to see him back here.  He is after all a CPIT graduate  :)

Sam Wills began his performing career in Timaru at the age of thirteen while he trained as an apprentice clown. He has since mastered a diverse range of performance styles and skills. He holds a diploma in New Circus from Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology's Circus School where he has taught juggling there for two years. His interest in the phenomenon of traditional circus freak shows and influences such as the Jim Rose Circus and the Tokyo Shock Boys led to experiments with shock comedy, earning him his first Pulp Comedy appearance, the Best New Face award for the 2001 season, and the title ‘Prince of Cringe’ from Truth and TV Extra magazine.

Recently Liam took his cousin Blair up for a helicopter ride...

Nick and Sylvia have returned to Paris, but Blair is exploring the North Island now.

Alex and I are trying to keep ahead of the garden growth. The sunflowers he planted have just come out - love the splash of colour.

James has been fishing again ...

Kirsty continues with Chemistry experiments ...  this weekend it has been lemon batteries, silver cleaning and copper plating nails. Brings it all back for me too. Poppy was hoping the lemons were edible...

The weather may not have been brilliant at times, but it has been a great summer holiday. Was good to catch up with my workmates again this week and soon, there will be new students arriving....

Our lovely new animal room tutor at work, Rebecca, is from Yorkshire. She and her partner Tom have chosen to come and live here in Christchurch.  Despite the earthquakes, and unlike most of the new people here, they are both in jobs that are not associated with the rebuild.
Rebecca has a blog - Re:Becca.  It has been interesting to read about their experiences and new lives together here in Christchurch.  It is always refreshing to see the place you live in through new eyes.
Click here for her latest post - but worth reading back through the previous posts  -  she has some great photos too.



  1. What an absolutely wonderful and heart-warming post Fi. I am so happy for you. If I could pick out one little bit which warmed my heart though it should really be............there are so many.....but in reality for me it was rhubarb and apricot crumble........with custard of course.

    1. And it was very very good too... Rhubarb from their garden and fresh apricots. No custard, but cream, both runny and whipped :)

  2. All the ingredients for a great day were there, wonderful!
    I am going to check out Rebecca's blog now.


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