January 17, 2014

Thankful Thursday

My nephew Nick and Sylvie arrived back today and we collected them in the full heat of the afternoon sizzle from New Regent St.  We were early so we walked round to the Pyne Gould site and thought about the earthquake and the people who died on that site.

The Crown has bought the Christchurch property where the Pyne Gould Corporation building stood until it collapsed in the February 2011 earthquake.
The purchase has been made to incorporate the property at 233 Cambridge Terrace into the new North Frame as part of the post-disaster Christchurch Central Recovery Plan.

Then we wandered down New Regent St - good to see it back in partial action at least. The tram even went down :)

After dinner later I managed to get copies of the pictures we took last week before they set off to do the North Island trip.  The five boy cousins n the back row, Kirsty in front of me.. and Nick's partner Sylvie front left with Jess.  
Three generations together from Canada,  France and NZ

So tonight I am grateful for family, and the chance to spend time with them. 

The boys visited Canterbury Museum and took a photo of the knife sharpener their great great grandfather George Kent invented in England

Last night I learned that my birth great grandfather founded a Nursery that still exists after three generations as a garden centre in England... looking forward to getting some pictures of them soon :)

I helped my friend clean her house yesterday before their move to Nelson.  Will miss you heaps Libby. I am grateful for good friends like you and that facebook and skype will keep us in touch....

I am thankful that Beatrice is still alive. She is enjoying the rugs I leave down for her.

Jessie cant make up her mind where to sleep....

Poppy waiting for the postman.

I saw this today.  It was posted on a forum for those recovering from life with pathological liars and toxic people. I am grateful to the people who help this way while we blunder blindly in the dark making sense of it all. Finding two realities of the same person is hard to get your head around.  Of course eventually you realise only one is the reality.... the other was only ever an act.
You know someone finally by seeing what they hide.

Learning to trust again will be a slow process but meanwhile I am counting my blessings and working on all the others.


  1. A great post fi, I love it. I love all of these things too. Have a great week Fi xxxxxxxxxx

  2. That was a wonderful post, and very touching. All the best to you, Fiona.

  3. I have tried so many times to find the words to comment Fiona. Knowing at least some of what you have - and are - going through makes me despair of people. I've spent my life trying to believe in the good that can be man despite so much evidence to the contrary (I worked with politicians!). Every now and then something just makes me despair. This is one of those moments. Kia kaha. Go well.

    1. Thanks GB - thankfully only 4% of the male population are supposed to be sociopaths so there is plenty of room for us to find the good ones. I know the red flags now!


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