January 10, 2014

Waipara Wineries

Went with my parents for a trip out to Amberley and Waipara and enjoyed seeing a few of the wineries out there.
My favourite has to be Pegasus Bay.

You can explore the gardens too.

Tried to get a panorama...

Their first "selfie"

We both like blue?
It was a lovely day :)

Poppy has been exploring a few gardens of her own....

while Jess has a new favourite spot. I'm impressed she can still jump up there- she is 15 sometime this month...

Jaz and Mark and the girls are back from camping in Naseby - lovely to see them.  They had a great time - Jaz took this picture.

In between I have caught up with lot of friends - thanks for the truly scrumptious dinner Jo and Nick :) for the great shopping Jeni and Kirsten - love the Ali Baba basket and the jewellery (wearing some of it in the photo above). Also for the fun WareWhare trawling this week Libby- gonna miss it when you leave shortly!  And to all the others who have done book club and movie nights too - loved Philomena and August:Osage County and Captain Phillips. Next week Book Thief.

Running out of days to fit a few things in but if you are looking for something to do when here in Christchurch, Ruth has some good ideas for a tour of the still standing and the new. I might try and do some of this in stages!

At least it is warm here. Have been watching the freezing weather in America and the widespread floods in the UK and been thankful not to be there - but worried about those who are. Good to see they are ok on facebook at least.

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