March 5, 2014

Christchurch Deluge and flooding -

Well we made it safely to work through the floods. Really wish I hadn't as it is cold, the wind is howling and Poppy is drenched and freezing.

On the other hand I have been here for the handful of students that made it through, but we have cancelled classes and sent them home as it appears the buses might stop running shortly. There is also the small issue of most of the staff are stuck at home, or in traffic too.
To top it off the tide will peak at 10.15, in an hour, and further flooding will be expected.
Managed some photos on the way past the river on Avonside Dr.

Water bubbling up into the road through the drains at Fitzgerald Ave corner

Tuam St roadworks, deep flooded potholes,... scary.

160kmh wind or bad driving?
Where the river meets the road - taken by James from the City Council offices in Hereford St
Building site across the road from work

See more pics at

The gale-force blast that caused havoc across the region yesterday has been eased but heavy rain overnight has caused widespread disruption and despair.
At least 50 homes in Richmond, St Albans and Mairehau had flooded, and it was feared the number could be higher as more damage from the storm was discovered today.
Council land drainage opera tions manager Mike Gillooly said the storm was the "worst since 1975". "That was a 100-year rainfall event. We know [this is] more than a 50-year event. It's very significant."
Good movie on there too.

Work having a few water issues! 

So I am just trying to keep warm and when the traffic settles and high tide has passed I will try to get home. I am pretending to work in the meantime!
Stay safe out there everyone.

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