March 6, 2014

Cleaning up the floods

A local journalist has taken a helicopter tour of the flooded city. He focused on two main areas, but nothing in the St Albans area.

His photos show me how much our area was affected.  Again I am grateful to be living on higher ground and sandhills that have coped with earthquakes and being near the river. Just need the new roof next and hopefully we too can dispense with towels and tarpaulins !

One way I drive home.... usually- we live right at top of page to the left, inland- our road turns inland and left at top of screen

Our street is the turning off bottom right- the flooding in previous picture is  top of screen in this reverse view.

The waters have receded but the mess remains. The water is also polluted so this affects how the clean up has to be handled.... Some of our local shops were badly affected by the floods.. they are interviewed in the video at this site, although it seems strange a bakery is baking through the floods and pollution!

At least the storm has settled. The sun is out. 
Living in the now :)


  1. There was a time when houses with river views sold at a premium. Now they can't be sold at all. Amazing it should be happening in both hemispheres.

  2. I am so sorry for all those people, homeowners and shopkeepers, who are now faced with the mess left behind by the floods. Hopefully, the weather will be favourable to all their efforts, and your new roof will be up soon.


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