March 5, 2014

Flood pictures and another Mt Hutt death

Just capturing some more pictures of the floods...

My friend Linda lives in Avonside... she took these in the area - mainly of red zoned streets, which means they are being cleared of houses after the earthquakes.

I think that's the road on the right!

The northbound newly built Fitzgerald bridge.... ( stream?)

The estuary floods Southshore area - this is a road I often drive down.

Heaton St, Eel crossing the road..... not a sight you see everyday.
My poor friend Korene's car abandoned to the floods....
My friend Ang took this of her street - her garage is flooded
From Christchurch City Libraries photo - as my friend Sue says - this is where the new pedestrian precinct is going to be!!!!!!!!! Punting on the Avon for everyone.
A park bench on Cambridge Terrace. Avon flooding Wednesday 5 March 2014, around 7.40am. More photos
A skifield worker has died after their car came off the road on the way up to Mt Hutt this morning.

NZSki chief executive Paul Anderson said it was not clear what caused the crash as the man was very familiar with the road.

There was snow on the road and it was raining at the time of the incident.

The man was beyond a security gate near the top of the access road that only skifield staff could open.

Anderson said the access road appeared to be intact, with no slips reported. 

I am so angry. I don't know what happened, but until that road has barriers it will always be a danger. It was the one positive note of Arch's death that this might be prevented from happening to other people in future! You can read back on that here.


Meanwhile I have done some work ( yes really, truly!), sorted many students, finished my fresh hot coffee, a hot sausage roll and some chocolate cup cakes... feeling better as the lone banana breakfast was probably why I was so cold!
Now, fortified, I must haul on the drenched rain jacket ( strangely one psycho Scott gave me - first time I have felt grateful for anything to do with him in the last year) and tackle the drive home to check the house is till there, the boys are ok and the roof hasn't given way, which would be ironic when it is due to be replaced shortly!) .
Hopefully the phrase   'I am just going outside and may be some time.' has a more favourable outcome than when Captain Oates bravely uttered it.
Come on Poppy.....


  1. Great post Fi xx
    Those pics are seriously scary...I so wouldn't be driving...just don't know what the hell is happening under that water with the ground subsidence and everything.

    1. I found myself in a lake by accident - but I knew it was a road. In many places you don't know where it becomes river.


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