March 27, 2014

Horseshoe Lake aerial view March 2014

CHCH EQ Photos did some more aerial shots of Christchurch this week..

Here is Horseshoe Lake - we live to the bottom right of the photo across the river.
It is almost empty.....

What did it used to look like?

Avon River Park had some pictures on facebook of the inner part - sad to see it so damaged

There are plans to use the sunken land as a potential rowing venue which will double as a flood plain reserve for the River Avon. Here is one of the proposals... which would mean blocking off the road along the main River and putting a bridge up. Parts 3 and 4 would be inside the Horseshoe loop...

The other option is widening the Avon....

The city is also changing  - maybe not fast enough and the roadworks are a nightmare.

Red Zone streets - no longer have road access 
Where did you want to go again????

The new grass areas are where the new frame will surround the eastern part of the city. Latimer Square is where the Rescue teams were based after the Feb 2011 earthquake. It used to be surrounded by buildings. At least the green is better than the dusty wasteland look.

Just had a lovely graduation dinner with last years classes - tomorrow we will be watching them graduate.  Another year gone.

The weather is cooler at night now - and although we all commented it wont be long until summer again, someone pointed out that type of thinking is wishing our lives away. So I will relish the beauty of autumn and live in the now!

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  1. And we are juts looking forward to Spring! Such a strange world...


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