March 5, 2014

Horseshoe Lake and Edgeware area

There's a video on this page interviewing one of the residents of Francis St - and it shows the surrounding area under water.

Unbelievable.   This area around Dudley creek flooded last year as well - the post earthquake damage has altered the area significantly and the stream can't take the water away anymore.
First world problem, it is also one area I carefully avoided on the way home and where I am meant to going to choir tonight - which assure us is still on so could be interesting!

I stopped to take pictures of our Horseshoe Lake. I hope this is a 100 year flood - although our house is safe, it is the highest I want to see the lake.

The footbridge is under water
Submerged bridge

Bridge normal

The steps to the water are submerged

Hasn't breached the banks, quite.....

Trees under water - note the rubbish bin remnants

Found this scavenger in the rubbish bin - had a deja vu moment as she reminds me of Saff
I used an emergency device as she had no collar - appropriate use of Veterinary Association lanyard? Im pleased to say an owner appeared as I got back to the car and hauled her away! I had some sympathy as that rubbish bin was Saffy's favourite place to escape to.  Good deed completed.  

The best news is the rain has stopped. Home safely. I hope everyone else makes it home safely too.


  1. I am glad to know your home is safe, and also glad that the dog turned out to have someone, and wasn't a homeless stray.

    1. She should be wearing a collar though! I wasn't happy about it - the guy was fed up because it was his son's dog :(

  2. It's just devastating for you all Fi xxx
    Those photos of Horseshoe Lake really scary. It used to be so beautiful through there pre quake pre flood :o(

    1. its munted Sandy .... but I have some lovely pix of the swans and cygnets I took last week too - so it can still be beautiful :)


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