March 9, 2014

Kaikoura getaway - perfect weather!

After our storm, rain and flooding last week, it was great to hop on the bus and head to Kaikoura with about 30 other students and staff.  The sun came out and we had a perfect afternoon exploring...

Kaikoura Beach - Picture by Afra Dixon

Picture by Afra Dixon
Dusky Lodge Backpackers- pool, spa and sauna...

followed by beside the pool drinks...

Wine glass art...

Becky is our animal room technician - she is from Yorkshire...enjoying seeing more of New Zealand.  

and a great dinner and night in town. Thank you Why Not Cafe, Strawberry Tree, Adelphi Hotel....

Dawn produced a perfect still morning.

Sadly, despite this, the sea was described as challenging.
We waited in the early morning sun while the trip was "on hold"... ironically beside the peaceful northern beach...

and when it was cancelled we had a proper breakfast and headed off to the seal colony instead. Disappointing for the students but it's the first time in 14 years so it had to happen one day!

Once we got to the southern beach they appreciated better what the sea was really like... and were glad to be safely on shore.

There were huge waves breaking - the photos don't do it justice but we watched the tide roll in over the rocks and listened to the roar of the water, with some joking about people who talk (and swear) when people are videoing... hence the voice over.

There was a Shag with a badly broken wing  - we sent one of our staff and some of the girls to take it back to the vet clinic - where it was euthanased. But at least it is out of pain.

Afra also took some great pictures of the seals.... she is a talented photographer.

Almost everyone - wonderful people - great trip

Driving home we could see the water churning. It was like it was boiling.... white water all over the beaches.  Not sure what had stirred it all up as it was calmer the day before, even though the storm had passed through. The sea has a mind of its own driven by forces we are not always aware of. Respect her at all times.

I was glad to be home and see Poppy... and have dinner round the table, an Indian feast, with James, Jess, Alex, Kirsty and Nicole to celebrate Liam's birthday.

A truly wonderful day....


  1. What a great trip, and to end it with an Indian feast with lovely people! Wonderful pictures, how kind of the photographer to allow you to use them.
    The group picture makes it look like an almost "Girls Only" trip, how come?

    1. Not a lot of boys do vet nursing.... Lovely that we do get some. :)


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