March 16, 2014

Kitten Heaven and Celebrations

Despite the rain and wind today from Cyclone Lusi we have had a lovely weekend celebrating the house purchase being finalised. It's good to have some end to the process and sever ties to the past. It has been a year of healing with reduced anxiety levels and life is more peaceful. The future feels happier. Thank you to the many lovely people who have sent messages and celebrated with me this weekend. Your continued support over many months has been something I will always be grateful for.
Some ties to the past remain as a huge and positive part of my life. The companionship continued with Jaz and Mark and the girls yesterday.  Its been a tough week for them but there are many things to be grateful for and we had a relaxed and happy day.

They have gorgeous new kittens... about 18 weeks old. Their names are still changing but the last version seemed to be Maggie, and Melody who became Milly during the course of the evening...

Maggie - see her tabby stripes

Melody - or maybe Milly....
Sunning themselves 
They are great with Rosie - just love their furniture!
And they are both just lovely friendly cats....
Molly sat still long enough for a photo.... growing so fast!

Great celebration drink - Elderflower and Lime cider.
It was a lovely day.

Got home late but in time to hang out with the boys and my nephew Blair who has returned from the North Island.  They were having a party too -  with my cider, a few beers and their friend Nicole was on Honey Bourbon and Coke. It was a nice midnight drink.... but I was still trying to sleep at 3 am as too wired from coke to slow down!  A quiet morning has been in order.
To be fair, an addiction to the new game 2048 has not helped getting to sleep either - start it at your own risk!

Planning a quiet day while the cyclone travels down the island - hopefully well to the west of us.
Water-logged Christchurch might avoid the worst of the rain because Lusi has tracked further west, which meant the downpours were now more focused for the West Coast and Nelson region today, WeatherWatch said.

We are all following the storm on this,-34.12,640



Roof still on. :)


  1. A year already? Seems incredible, and yet, thinking about all the things you have posted about here in the past twelve months, it starts to sound realistic :-)
    I am glad for you to have such good friends and many things to be grateful for in your life.

    The kittens are beautiful!

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  3. These are tow delightful kittens/young cats. Thanks for letting us see them!¨


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