March 13, 2014

Mother Nature - so powerful, so beautiful. Thankful Thursday.

Amazing footage... it is hard to believe this is not computer graphics at their best. How can real birds create such configurations and move together so wonderfully!


Meanwhile we wait for Cyclone Lusi to muck up our weekend here in New Zealand. Flood measures are being prioritised around Christchurch so that the already sodden land won't produce our second 100 year flood in a fortnight.
The Civil Defence and councils across the country are preparing for a battering as a tropical cyclone tacks toward New Zealand, bringing heavy rain and winds.
MetService says Cyclone Lusi is expected to bring severe weather when it moves toward the North Island on Saturday before crossing the South Island late Sunday.
"It's a category 3 storm," says ONE News weather presenter Karen Olsen.
"That means the winds at its centre are up around 120 kilometres, gusting up to 170km/h, and that can be quite damaging."
Auckland's Civil Defence and Emergency Management is advising Aucklanders to prepare for road closures and power and phone outages.

Washing is all done - Fresh towels and tarps in the roof being readied... if the wind doesn't take it off this weekend, we are still waiting on quotes to replace it. As the house sale goes through tomorrow I can finally get more repairs done - free at last :) Its a great feeling!

On Sunday we celebrated Liam's birthday at my parents.... that flaming creation is chocolate mousse cake, just in case the fresh scones with jam and cream hadn't already filled us up.

Sadly, at dinner time Mark landed up in the emergency department so I raced over there to be with them. It has been a long few days while he has tests and follow up and was discharged.  Hopefully we will know more soon. The champagne celebration tomorrow over the house might have to wait a bit longer.... but today I am thankful that he is back home with Jaz and the girls.


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