April 17, 2014

An amazing week of music Thankful Thursday

Last weekend Jaz and I went to see the CSO and The Golden Age of Broadway.

/2014 CSO Presents


A wonderful night - after a great dinner nearby we both enjoyed many good memories as they played music from Oklahoma, My Fair Lady, Sound of Music, West Side Story... to name just a few. Luke Di Somma did a great job conducting and it was nice to see the choir in action again after their recent performance in Hagley Park.
Nice article on the choir here.

For those that know Jaz and I, they will understand that it was particularly lovely to see that one past member was no longer allowed to sing with the choir.... although he did make himself useful moving microphones and delivering flowers to the soloists...

This week I had my own choir concert as well.  Some of the soloists from the choir performed numbers I had not heard before.  I have always enjoyed Don McGlashan's music. and the Christchurch Pops Choir have done an amazing version of "Bathe in the River" regularly over the past three years - you can hear a version here with Don himself.  Tonight one of the choir sang his song, "Miracle Sun", about driving to see Opo the famous Dolphin in Opononi. Having lived up in Northlands, it brought back memories of the dusty roads in the hot sun I knew when we first moved to New Zealand in 1970 - Opo was actually famous in the Fifties - about the time I was born. There is a statue to remember her on the shore which has recently been replaced with a new one - http://www.3news.co.nz/New-Opo-dolphin-statue-revealed/tabid/1160/articleID/313223/Default.aspx

Another song was Crosby Stills and Nash called Southern Cross that I had never heard before either -
You can hear it here: http://youtu.be/kDoZ3z0ET6Y

My favourite song that we got to sing as a choir was Nga Iwi E
SO catchy - great end to our concert.
It is a Maori Protest Song -
According to this web site - http://www.folksong.org.nz/E_I_A_I_E/index.html (which has words and chords ) :
The song for the people of the Pacific. Hirini Melbourne took a kapa haka group to the Festival of the South Pacific in New Caledonia. He wrote the first two verses and asked the other countries attending to add on their own verse.

It was adopted by Greenpeace 
who sung it on board the Rainbow Warrior while protesting French nuclear testing at Muroroa in French Polynesia.
All the nations, All the nations, Let the people of the Pacific Rim be united. E-i-a-i-e. Listen and support it. E-i-a-i-e. Hold on, Hold on, To your independence and compassion. Women, Women, Rise up and be strong! Men,Men, Listen, be supportive, and be strong. People,People, Be proactive and live.

I thought it was familiar because I now realise I have heard the Topp Twins sing it... 
and there is a a good video version here  - I think my sister might enjoy this one :)

Ngā iwi e! Ngā Iwi e!
Kia kotahi ra te Moana-nui-a-Kiwa
E i a i e
Kia mau ra! Kia mau ra!
Ki te mana motuhake me te aroha
E i a i e
Wahine mā! Wahine mā!
Maranga mai, Maranga mai, kia kaha
E i a i e
Ta ne ma! Ta ne ma!
Whakarongo tautoko kia kaha
E i a i e


All you people! All you people!
Be united as one like the Pacific Ocean
Hold on firmly! Hold on firmly!
To you separate identity and to compassion
All you young women! All you young women!
Rise up, rise up, be strong
All you young men! All you young men!
Listen, support, be strong

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  1. You can hear Nga Iwi E performed by http://www.choir.co.nz/assets/NgaIwiE.mp3
    Performed by Acapellago Choir http://www.choir.co.nz/


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