April 14, 2014

More Royal Fever

On Day 8 of the Royal Tour Wills and Kate made it to Christchurch.  It was Kate's first visit - but everyone was very pleased to see William return.

My family had a field day out seeing them in various places.  James managed to get some video of them arriving at the Council offices where he works for their official welcome to Christchurch.  The video is here for now:

Ngai Tahu Karanga (Call) the royals onto their ancestral lands.  http://tvnz.co.nz/national-news/live-updates-royal-visit-5915534

Then they made their way to Latimer Square where I was waiting with some students, right across the road from the new CTV Memorial site where they spent a long time talking to survivors and families of those lost in the quakes.
CTV Memorial Site

The new mural on the "Calendar Girls" building

Police moving in groups... Les Mills gym back right - good windows for people to watch from
 In the time we waited we got to admire the bomb dog checking out the nearby parked cars, the secret service men crawling everywhere, the legions of police around the barriers, or moving en masse, resembling stormtroopers... we spent some time with a policeman nearby - he admitted he wasn't armed but the high vis men on the building nearby with binoculars were.... ideal sniper vantage point.

Roof top Sniper alert

TV3 News meet the crowd - as did many other news teams.

The Crowds build up
Police and Secret Service discuss two dodgy blokes behind us.... 

Finally, they're here!!!

Wasn't expecting a minivan!
 They arrived in a minivan - it took us a while to realise the impossibly slender arm in the window was actually her. She is so tiny - tall and very slender. He was a tall and good looking young man ......

She's so tiny!!!

Mayor Lianne Dalziel and CERA boss Roger Sutton talk to the Duchess

Escorting a photographer firmly out of the area...

Meeting a family...

Leaving the memorial site and heading to the Cardboard Cathedral

So what can I say - yes they were lovely. Kate was gorgeous in Canterbury colours.

Alex managed to get a place down in Latimer Square and filmed them playing cricket.

They came quite close to him so he got some great pictures of Kate. Tonight watching the news the cameras got footage of him in the crowd. Bearded bloke -middle, back row....

The official cricket video can be seen here

They headed off to open the new visitor centre at the Botanic Gardens and then on to Wigram Air Museum.

They were shown a video on the rebuild...

Lots more pics here:

An amazing day. I always regretted missing seeing Diana... and we were away during the 2011 Quake Memorial service. When they got so close this time round I wasn't going to miss it - so glad I went.


  1. They look a lovely young couple, but she honestly could do with a bit more flesh on her, can't be healthy that way.

    1. probably true - the camera does add weight in pictures ...
      I obviously wear a lot of them!

  2. Well it's been a really successful tour and seems to have lifted the spirits of a great many people.


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