April 28, 2014

Nelson Getaway

Sunny Nelson lived up to it's reputation this weekend - I managed a four day break staying with my friends Libby and Davy. It has been a lot of fun - a chance to catch up with them and explore the area. 
They live in Richmond, on the lower slopes of the Grampian Hills looking out over Rabbit Island.

Dawn over Rabbit Island
Sun rise behind the house

From the moment I landed - Libby and I managed to talk, shop, drink tea, coffee or wine, have lunch at wineries, eat and shop at the Saturday market, visit Bernard and Sharon who have just built nearby in the green area in the picture above, and cook meals for Davy.

Davy is a Luthier - here he is creating instruments in the garden outside his workshop
On Thursday and Friday we went shopping in Richmond - with coffee at Eyebright and lunch at The Grape Escape before coffee on Friday with Libby's family in Nelson.

Autumn Gourds at Eyebright
We hit the market in Nelson on Saturday morning  - followed by Oliebollen Dutch Doughnuts and coffee in the sun.... heavenly.

On Saturday afternoon we went out to Mapua inlet for some more shopping in the lovely galleries there.

Horseshoe creation....

  and fish and chips, from the Smokehouse, washed down with a light wine...on the wharf as the sun went down... luxury.

I flew home today into more torrential rain and cold weather.  I hear the weekend has been lovely at home too but it was still wonderful to get away and have a change of scene.
I did finally see some road cones  - a small scattering on the road to Mapua..
I didn't see any high-vis vests.
The roads were smooth and lovely! 
There was no rubble or demolition or rebuild.
A really nice change.

Here are some of the before and after pictures of the city taken from it:
Durham St Before
Durham St After
Colombo St Before 
Colombo St After
More Colombo St - Before 
More Colombo St After
Manchester St Before 
Manchester St - After
Durham St - Before
Durham St - After
Google has also done its part to help us see this transformation: 

Google Maps is stepping into the world of time travel with a new feature that allows users to view historic images as well as modern ones.
The new Google street view was launched in Christchurch today showing the dramatic changes the city has undergone since it was flattened by the 2011 earthquake.
The new feature allows Google Maps users to see Christchurch as it was and as it is now all at the touch of a button.
Ross Young from Google New Zealand says the new feature will be a tool for showing the next generation Christchurch as it once was.
"Being able to show your grandchildren not only where you used to live but when you used to live and we think that's quite useful," he says.
The new historic image feature is not only showing the past but solving the mysteries of the empty lots.

Definitely a useful tool.

Meanwhile - Poppy is happy to have me home! The boys did a great job looking after her and Jess and the cats.... and I came back to a lovely tidy house!

Thanks Libs and Davy for a truly wonderful Nelson weekend xxx
See you again soon :)


  1. Your weekend sounds and looks wonderful, Fiona! I especially love the sunrise picture.
    One of my cousins is a Luthier, too. He lives and has his shop in the Provence (south France), and his best and most loyal customers are gypsies who live for (and off) their music. They pay astonishing amounts of money for a hand-crafted made-to-measure guitar.

  2. Those before-and-after shots are very stark, very telling.

    By the way, does Rabbit Island live up to its name? Are there loads of bunnies there?


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