April 12, 2014

Royal Fever

William and Kate arrive in Christchurch on Monday for yet another earthquake memorial.  They will be near work so we thought we might wander up and join the crowds for a glimpse of the limo. Realistically all we can expect unless we start waiting at dawn!

I was pleased to read they will be getting a new coat for their spaniel Lupo. from our local Christchurch Company

Prince William and Kate's family pooch Lupo is to be kitted out in a New Zealand-made coat.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be gifted a specially made tartan wool coat for their spaniel to wear.
The New Zealand Dog Coat Company confirmed on its twitter account that permission had been granted for the gift to be given when the couple visit Christchurch on Monday.
Becky did Vet Nursing with us many years ago - and was recently featured in the papers with their Calm Coat for Dogs.

The web site is here

http://www.thedogcoatcompany.co.nz/ - lovely photos of the dogs down at the local Tannery Shopping centre.

I can see I might have to take Poppy shopping!

The weather is lousy here- forecast 10 days of rain.. better than Cairns with Cyclone Ita though. I took the dogs to the dog park...

They enjoyed it at least!


  1. Sales of NZ dog coats will rocket !

    1. They would be thrilled!!! By Royal Appointment - Poppy will definitely need one.


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