May 24, 2014

Sunny and calm before the cold

There appear to be storms, wind, rain and sleet happening around the rest of New Zealand...

Snow is forecast for tomorrow over the lower parts of the South Island. Apparently not though in Christchurch.... we remain a little oasis of calm at the moment.

To celebrate Christchurch turned on a nice bit of sun ... and warmth. I know it won't last and I got out and enjoyed it ... be time to huddle indoors soon enough.

North Beach - packed as usual....

Love the log cabin  The tides are so high the waves are coming right up to the dunes.

Poppy had a ball... Alex seemed to enjoy it too.  Warm and balmy in a gentle north west breeze
Looking up the beach towards the pier end

Oops - waves nearly caught me... tides meant to be going out!

Poppy glistening in the sun...

Jess enjoys a chance to explore - she's doing very well for 15 and a half...

So bring on the cold - weather man said -5C expected this week :(

I think the three girls are all ready...  Rupert tends to want to be outside!

Beatrice checks out the giant bean bag....


  1. What a fabulous post Fiona. This evening we, too, have sun but warm and balmy it is not. Well, perhaps it is. The temperature as we approach summer is just showing 10°C this evening.

  2. Gorgeous dogs. I love when it freezes here then you get beautiful sunny days. keep m coming


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