May 11, 2014

The Week that Was

Survived the first week back at work! It wasn't easy but Kayla, one of our lovely students from last year, brought me up some Baileys cheesecake - ohhh it was good. Thank you :)

With so many massive programme changes looming our staff meetings have finally started to fill with many positives and exciting plans for future content, delivery methods, use of technology, extra staffing and all the things that somehow make the prospect of the increased workload feel like something to embrace, not run screaming from. It makes a pleasant change!

The recent autumn weather has even shown us some sunny days - and Alex has made the most of it with the chainsaw. The trailer is full again - the garden is lighter and brighter and the landscape plan is coming together.

The dogs enjoy their regular trips to the park - between the heavy rain and 100 year floods we keep getting.  Poppy kept getting drenched trying to imitate a hovercraft going across the puddles so she is sporting a new hair do - bald legs, patchy coat, ratty face.  Dubious to look at but a breeze to look after!

Jessie has been attacked with the furminator brush and we created a whole second dog of fur on the driveway but she has lost the patchy moth eaten coat hanging off in tufts look that she was sporting - at least three people have asked me this week about her husky origins. Its all in the tail shape. She doesn't care - she just enjoys the company, and the fire in the evenings. Kirsty makes a great cushion..

At book club we explored Salt on the Pier restaurant this week.  I can recommend the corner with the leather seats - nice Pinot Gris and great coffee... and you thought it was all about the books didn't you! OK we tried to read J.K Rowlings' latest book last month - I gave up.  A prequel to Harry P might have grabbed me more!

Phoebe was very pleased with the special cards I got her from a supermarket promotion yesterday - she put them all in the special book she had already - and saved a heap for Molly who was out at a disco....Jaz said it was rare for Phoebe to be so keen to go supermarket shopping but she had been yesterday to get the cards - so the extra 25 was a huge bonus! Countdown would be pleased to know their promotion is encouraging five year olds to shop! She has six to go.....

We had an amazing Indian feast from A Pocket Full of Spices and I took out a Black Forest Gateau from Divine Cakes - which was indeed divine.... sustainable platter provided.

Phoebe enjoyed her gateau!
Molly came home from her disco - she is looking more grown up everyday.

Note the sparkly shoes too....
Thanks for a lovely evening Jaz and Mark x

Today is Mother's day. Relaxing breakfast in bed, made by Liam, a long chat to my Mother, Mollie, in England, and later, all gathering to celebrate with Mum and Dad. Looking forward to it.

What can I say - a perfect weekend despite the earthquake yesterday - a wee 4.0 jolt to keep us on our toes.  Life in Christchurch. Still good despite the potholes and the demolitions.

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  1. Mmm, the Baileys cheese cake sounds exactly like my cup of tea (or, rather, piece of cake)!
    Good to know things at work are beginning to look up. I hope that the plans for tackling the extra workload will all work out, and nobody will be left completely washed out.


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