June 7, 2014

Making the most of the fine weather before the rain

Teams of men have been hard at work this week making the most of the fine weather after the frosts. Finally a new roof !!!  It's lucky we have been altering the front garden too so there was somewhere to put the old iron. The relandscaping of the rotten sleepers around the garden is the other major project underway.

The new matching gutters go on next week - but at least the forecast 75mm rain arriving tomorrow will not be dripping onto the roof beams - as it has done for the last 10 years. The roof should really have been replaced then!

At least the weather has been fine and a lot warmer than the week before. Haven't had to scrape the ice off in the mornings this week.  But despite the -4C mornings, it was good to have a long weekend for Queens Birthday despite the cold. I spent the Saturday with Jaz and the girls while Mark had a break in the -5C conditions in Naseby ( I think that was the high for the day!). Jaz took me out to see the Route 72 Emporium in Cust - we had a glorious shop with the girls and coffee and great food - can highly recommend it.

Rosie has adopted a teddy bear as her puppy and loves cuddling it. I tried to get a photo! She has turned into such a lovely dog and is much loved.

After a sunnySunday afternoon with my parents I also managed to get out for a scrumptious dinner at Jo's in Burnham - thanks Jo :)  Mum and Dad dog-sat the girls and I picked them up on the way home in a bitterly cold frost. Icy windows by 10.00.... was bliss to have Monday off. I don't remember doing anything significant at all - which is how a long weekend should be.

I have noticed a lot of council activity on our river banks this week  - and today we managed to check it out.  There is a lovely new path and the banks are reinforced with rocks in many places. Certainly made a change to our usual cross country style walks.

Colder weather makes our pets snuggle into the many bed choices they all have.....Poppy's main choice is wherever I am.

Poppy emerging from the blankets
 Jess likes anything meant for Poppy.
Jess stealing Poppy's basket
Jessie being Goldilocks and sleeping in the smallest bed....
 Beatrice and Rupert like their fur throws, but they also steal Jessie's bed while she is sleeping in Poppy's....

Beatrice stealing Jess's beanbag

So not a lot to write about - just enjoying some peace and progress on the house very much. Long may it all last....
Contentment :)


  1. I read this on FB but decided to wait until I was blog reading to comment. I think it's a lovely post and it sounds as if life is slowly becoming what it should be for you.

    "I don't remember doing anything significant at all - which is how a long weekend should be." I was reminded of W H Davies's poem "What is this life if full of care....." I hope you have many more weekends like that.


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