August 16, 2014

Birthday fun and the earth moves again....

Another beautiful day in Christchurch - sunny and warm. Nice way to end a grey and cold week.
Jaz and I car pooled from my place and drove across the city with Phoebe and Molly to the birthday party for Holly, her cousin Jo's little girl.

Holly is now 6... just two months older than Phoebe. It was good to see the cousins all get together and enjoy the sun... and a spectacular layered cake with so many vibrant a rainbow cake.... Love Holly's face when she saw inside it!

nom nom .....


Phoebe and Leyton

Nail Art fun...

Thanks Jo and Nick for a lovely day and Happy Birthday Holly.

Sounds like there was a good earthquake in town today centred quite near our house but we were well out to the South west of town and missed it.
According to Canterbury Quake Live Latest earthquake is #14259 being magnitude 3.70 (III) at 13.00 km at 2:51pm, about 5 hr 14 mins ago.
*660 meters north-west of Aranui, Canterbury, New Zealand
Fourteen thousand two hundred and fifty nine earthquakes.

704 Sep 2010 4:35am1
623 Dec 2011 3:18pm3
525 May 2012 2:44pm57
413 Apr 2014 8:36am479
316 Aug 2014 2:51pm3822
214 Aug 2014 1:44pm9730

Its nearly the four year anniversary of the first Sept 4 2010 quake.
What a lot has changed for us all - physically, personally, emotionally.
We try to continue to adapt and change and absorb the new normality but everyone is tired. Tempers are frayed. Fuses are short. Everything seems a little harder. We have to be patient and look for the little things that give joy, humour, beauty.

Robin Williams' sad death has sobered the world.  The demon's he battled and failing health have caught up with him and we mourn the loss of his talent and ability to make us laugh.  Somehow knowing that a large chunk of the local population here in Christchurch are apparently on anti depressants it felt particularly scary that so many people are walking a similar tight rope. I see it everywhere.
From the "Is Canterbury All Right?" research page at

The Disillusionment Phase
This is the phase where reality sets in. People start to realise how long recovery is going to take and the red tape involved. The length and severity of this phase will depend on the extent of loss and the resources available but it can last several years. 
Several things can happen during this phase. 
- People can feel overwhelmed. 
- There is unrelenting stress and fatigue. 
- Anger increases along with depression, isolation and loneliness. 
- There’s frustration, grief, hostility and exhaustion. 
- Financial pressures and relationship issues can emerge. 
Most people will negotiate this phase without the need for long-term psychological help but anxiety and stress can continue for a long period of time. This might result in people feeling tired and exhausted, being more irritable or having trouble concentrating. Some Cantabrians have nicknamed this “quake brain”. 

All Right? was launched in February 2013 to help support people through this disillusionment phase.
Reconstruction Phase
Good news! This phase sees people gradually returning to their regular routines and life ‘as normal’.

I suspect we will all be stuck in a lot of the Disillusionment Phase for some time to come !

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  1. I couldn't comprehend what everyone was going through at the beginning and I still can't comprehend what people are still going through. I think this is one of those situations that you can't comprehend what it is like unless you experience it.


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