August 24, 2014

Parties, mates, attitude and all that stuff

Having a great weekend - my friend Libby came over from Nelson to stay for the engagement party last night of Steph and Danny. its only been 10 years since they met, but congratulations to you both and we look forward to the wedding in the next decade or two :) It was lovely to catch up with lots of people last night - and capped off a perfect evening with the All Blacks winning the Bledisloe Cup 51-20.

Alex and Kirsty have been down in Queenstown skiing so the house was quiet...
Poppy has been on a diet - she has a new bowl to keep her occupied for seconds longer than it usually takes her to clean her bowl.

She then manages to make pleading eyes at my lovely boarder Katrina when she eats her dinner...

We all got a Winter Survival Kit given to us at work so before I left on Friday I amused myself decorating the "stand" of my computer screens with all the little stickers.. the cardboard boxes always felt a bit dull. I also have a set of pithy paper clips with appropriate responses - I think you will find I could actually cope with most questions I get asked or situations that crop up by just holding up a clip. Although you know I won't.

Unpleasant run this afternoon in with an arrogant man letting his two kids destroy the new rock edges around Horseshoe lake... aggressive and scary situation but really makes me angry to see people undo the work after it is finally done - we have enough rebuilding to do without destroying it straight away. It was particularly annoying after driving out to New Brighton yesterday and seeing so many of the houses now gone - huge gaps and emptiness everywhere.  The river seems barren and if it is ever to be a lovely network of paths and cycleways, it will need a lot of landscaping - and we really don't need people damaging it all!

I went out to New Brighton to get some water prisms - mine looks lovely in the sun. Bring on the rainbows.

Message me if you want one and I'll send you the details of where you can buy them....


  1. Although I can't work out any of the words on the paper clips, I like the idea of a Winter Survival Kit. Maybe I should get one of those, too, since I find winter such a struggle, and more so each year, with the cold, wet, dark and little chance of catching much daylight or going for my nice long walks.

    1. We are all loving the signs of spring... Cheers us up no end!!!

  2. What's winter? Ah well I'm about to find out this year!

    As for your vandal (whom I saw on Facebook) I am completely lost for words.

    And 10 years before getting engaged? They should at least be pretty sure that they know what they are entering into.

    1. Commitment phobia ! Some people probably shouldn't marry.....

  3. Congratulations on the rugby championship. We don't get much of that here - at least to such a professional extent - but I do enjoy the sport. And congratulations on speaking up to the vandals. What makes some people think they own every damn thing and can do as they please? Ugh.

    1. Narcissists believe they are above the law Suldog.... He fits this description. So does my ex partner.... My new boundaries mean I find it easier to speak up!


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