August 2, 2014

Spring-like weather

We have temporary and early spring weather - and warnings of 150Km winds tonight to look forward to, but three days of 20C weather has been appreciated by everyone. Short sleeves, windows and doors open, houses aired and washing done. Odd jobs completed - new gutters on - and Poppy got bathed...

and then she went to the beach... yes I know - wrong order...

We have apple blossom - I think it is anyway. Pretty sight in the neighbours house along the driveway along with the daffodils starting to appear.

and the swan babies were out on the water yesterday when I walked Poppy and Jess along the river

Only one month to go to the real spring - a wee taster of warmth to remind us it is on the way and help us cope with the cold weather still ahead in August.


  1. It never fails to give me a curious feeling, reading about your seasons being the opposite of ours :-) As I feel a mixture of not wanting to let go of summer and at the same time looking forward to autumn's very own charms, you have apple blossoms and swanlings!

  2. The 150 k winds sound very Scottish. The 20 C temps less so !

  3. We had almost no Spring in my part of the Northern Hemisphere this year. I am envious.


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