September 8, 2014

63 years....

Last week on Sept 1st my parents celebrated their 63rd Wedding Anniversary together and we went out for a lovely long coffee on Saturday and on Sunday we went to their place for a meal.
Yesterday we also celebrated a lovely sunny Father's Day here at home.

It has been a great week and time for us all to enjoy them.

I thought some memories might be the best way to remind us of the occasion!

 The engagement.
 The wedding....

The Golden Wedding held in Canada in 2001...

All our love and congratulations to you both xxx


  1. It is still very recognizably them in the first and last picture! What an achievement, 63 years with the same person! Sadly, I won't ever reach that; had I stayed with my first husband, we'd have our Silver Wedding Anniversary next year. With my second husband, the marriage lasted until his death - which was a mere 4 1/2 years. And even if I married again now, there is no way I'd live long enough to reach what your parents have mastered. Wow! I am impressed, and wish them all the best.

    1. Thank you .... Have thought the same myself.
      Got to start young, marry a person you like and admire and want to be with, and weather the storms.
      I'm so glad I have been around for so much of their journey :)

  2. That's a wonderful achievement.


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