September 12, 2014

A day of rememberance

Thirteen years... 9/11.

For New Zealand it happened on September 12th... but we woke up that day to join the rest of the world in shock and horror. Glued to televisions. Utter disbelief.

Two nights ago Alex and I watched a documentary on it.. not intentionally. I turned the tv on and it happened to be on the History Channel and the documentary was so riveting we watched it until midnight.  It was a real time documentary that I hadn't seen before of eye witness videos and footage mapped out in real time sequence.  I am sure it was 102 Minutes that Changed America.  There were no ads and no obvious titles appearing that gave us a name - just around two hours of film.

It is probably still available on i-Sky on demand in NZ. I also found a copy online here

Amazon sell copies :

and the History Channel also has a great interactive map

I think it is the first time since the earthquakes that I have actively watched a 9/11 video.  It added a depth of understanding that I hadn't had before.  Dealing with the unimaginable. Phones down, can't get home, fear of what will be hit next - nowhere is safe.  The documentary gave me a perspective of how the disaster played out for the people in the streets around - who didn't know what was happening or what to do. Slack jawed shock and incomprehension felt so familiar.

September 12th here was also Arch's Birthday. Last weekend was Father's Day.  My children are coming over for dinner to remember him tonight.

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