September 6, 2014

Big clap for Molly

Molly got a trophy for netball tonight and is so happy she can't stop smiling... Well deserved :)

Before her prize giving we went out to Waikuku beach with Rosie and Poppy. Such a gorgeous sunny day to explore the driftwood structures.

Phoebe read me stories and we had an Indian feast for dinner...

Poppy had a brush with Rosie's gear.

Poppy had two new friends to play with at home last night too...Sophie and Beau.

They finally all fell asleep.

Settling in for some Argentina vs All Blacks...
Go the AB's!


  1. That was a fun post about fun things! Well done, Molly!
    The driftwood structures are interesting - did you build them, or who makes them?

    1. There were about six already built but in that area at the mouth where the Ashley River comes out there is heaps of stacked wood everywhere so it would have been great to linger and build another :)

  2. Well done Molly! and she certainly does look radiant.
    What beautiful weather, and a lovely place to explore with kids.

  3. So pleased for Molly and I loved the stick structures.


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