September 4, 2014

Four years.....

A peaceful morning, totally unlike the rude awakening of 2010 on September 4th.
Seems a lifetime ago.
Progress is happening, but so slowly and for many the stress of repairs, insurance battles, financial strain and uncertainty has been unimaginable.  

I found this picture and article in today's paper interesting...

Yesterday I read Deb's blog post.. "The heart expands when it is broken".  She makes some great observations and reflections...
Such as
In the last four years I have learned that everybody has a breaking point,
it is just that some people get there sooner.

I have learned to respect this and to make allowances for someone
who is not coping, instead of judging them as I may have in the past.
Do read her post for yourself at

So thinking of everyone here today as we rebuild our city, our lives, and cope with the changes together.


  1. I admire each and everyone of you who have decided to stay! I don't think I'd been able to cope with the constant threat of more of the same happening, I'd probably have fled to a place deemed "safer" (if there is such a thing).

  2. Fiona I was away at a wedding in the Highlands when you posted this and I read it the next day and popped over to Deb's blog and then life took over and I haven't been back since. I was trying to grapple with the statistics and their enormity and what they meant in human terms. I still have difficulty with that.


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