September 14, 2014

Spring fever....

We have all been enjoying the spring weather here in Christchurch - we have new blossom in the garden and  there are daffodils everywhere.

 The leaves are starting to appear on the trees in town, but not here yet.  The tree across the road is still bare....
Horseshoe Lake
Christchurch Daily Photo caught one of the willow trees turning green by the Avon River,
and I just love this one too

I have been trying to get a decent picture of the cherry blossom in Hagley Park but I'm always driving - so you can head over to see Ruth's blog post with lovely views of them, despite the day of rain we had yesterday..... They are spectacular when they appear before the green leaves break through.  Here is one of Ruth's photos.

Been a hectic week but had a lovely weekend - James and Jess for dinner Friday, and then Kirsty and Nathan on Saturday - and a day with my parents today.

We got some pics of Jess -

and Poppy was getting so shaggy she got a clip and bath.

Election fever is building here.  I took advantage of the polling booths set up at work and did it early. Saves a lot of hassle on election day next weekend.  Hopefully we get a good turnout of people actually voting this year.


  1. Pictures of spring are so uplifting! Not that I have been down or anything, it is just that we are so fast approaching autumn and winter here in Germany that it is good to have a reminder of the fact that there will be spring in about six months' time!

    1. At least with blogging we get to see Spring happen twice a year even if one is "virtual". We only get a finite number of them in our lives and I want to relish every one I have left !


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