November 27, 2014

The Last Goodbye - Memory Lane for Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit

For those of us who love the movies..

As we wait for the final movie of The Hobbit Trilogy to be released, the end credit music has been released. Sung by Billy Boyd, aka Peregrine Took....

A wonderful trip down memory lane.
And a tribute to Peter Jackson and his team.

It is incredible how many years New Zealand has been involved in the making of these movies - and how many people here have been involved in their creation. Not to mention the numbers of people who visit here to see the places it was filmed....

Made me quite tearful....

November 15, 2014

Birthday Mindfulness

I have had a fabulous birthday.
In fact it has been a really great week.
There have been so many wonderful moments with students and other friends and being surrounded by family tonight was a final highlight.
Thank you to all of you who wrote on facebook, sent me flowers, gave me presents and joined me celebrating.  It was all very much appreciated.
There is something special about finding contentment and feeling peaceful.
I guess you can only really begin to understand it when you have had something to compare it to.

This week I explored our Tuatara friends at Peacock Springs with the vet nursing students.

I hope you can see more pictures from many years of visits at this link....

It truly is a magical and beautiful place. 

We had two award ceremonies for our classes of students that are finishing. The second one was at Alva Rados Mexican Cantina.... 

and they gave us lovely things ( the bottle Sam Neill's Two Paddocks Pinot Noir was pretty awesome to get too ) 

Flowers from the night class on Monday night

and the vet nurses gave Poppy a brand new bed for use at she doesn't have to lie on a scrappy blanket in class time. She loved it.... but I think she thought it might really be for the cats!  

I admired the mural visible from outside Venuti's Italian restaurant in Colombo St.

We shared lovely things at work on my birthday - thx Jules for the chocolate truffle cake and Tina for the lovely mud cake. :)

Today I walked the dogs along the lake and enjoyed the sunshine before heading over to celebrate for the evening. It was warm and sunny - bliss.

The family gathered  at my parent's house tonight with lovely presents and champagne. It was truly a privilege to have them all there.  I am never sure each year if all four will make it, between their travels and other commitments, so I savoured the pleasure of it. I am sure there are photos of the night, but I don't have them yet....but I did get one of the beautiful cake that Alex secretly made yesterday and surrounded with sweet peas from our garden....  delicious :)

Tonight my mother rang from England and we had a lovely chat. It's our second birthday together since I found her...

GB, who has been a great support to us over the years through Jaz's surgery and recovery, plus all the other not so pleasant events since,  has to stay in the UK for the whole Scottish winter this year, rather than his usual summer migration to New Zealand, so we were chatting on facebook. He asked me this week how I was.  I was able to honestly say I was happy and contented.
A year older.. much wiser and much happier.
Living for the moment.
And loving it.

November 1, 2014

Botanic Gardens

It's the first day of November and a beautiful, hot, sunny day here in Christchurch.  We celebrated with a trip to the new visitors centre at the Botanic Gardens. 
That's Phoebe and Jaz waving off the bridge where we arranged to meet, but I didn't realise until after I took the photo...

First stop coffee or beer at the new building. Amazing place and lovely to sit out under the umbrellas. 

An original transport box that brought plants on the ships to New Zealand. 

Molly using the magnifying screen.

My favourite rose.."Peace".

It's a warm evening still so enjoying a fish and chip dinner with the girls.

Our wisteria is finally flowering over the sleep out. 
Cygnets on the river by the house..

Peaceful times. 
Rupert sunbathing....

Had a lovely windy week in Wellington and a wonderful night at the Empire Show. Really worth a look. 

Amazing balancing act.

Lots of visitors... Love having them 

Happy November.  Lots of birthdays happening this month and end of year dinners for our classes. I even got new Xmas lights yesterday so holidays are not far away :)


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