November 1, 2014

Botanic Gardens

It's the first day of November and a beautiful, hot, sunny day here in Christchurch.  We celebrated with a trip to the new visitors centre at the Botanic Gardens. 
That's Phoebe and Jaz waving off the bridge where we arranged to meet, but I didn't realise until after I took the photo...

First stop coffee or beer at the new building. Amazing place and lovely to sit out under the umbrellas. 

An original transport box that brought plants on the ships to New Zealand. 

Molly using the magnifying screen.

My favourite rose.."Peace".

It's a warm evening still so enjoying a fish and chip dinner with the girls.

Our wisteria is finally flowering over the sleep out. 
Cygnets on the river by the house..

Peaceful times. 
Rupert sunbathing....

Had a lovely windy week in Wellington and a wonderful night at the Empire Show. Really worth a look. 

Amazing balancing act.

Lots of visitors... Love having them 

Happy November.  Lots of birthdays happening this month and end of year dinners for our classes. I even got new Xmas lights yesterday so holidays are not far away :)


  1. Love your photos! And yes I will be popping by every now and then. I have always enjoyed your blog - it keeps me in touch with Christchurch. In fact it's time I made another visit. I have cousins, a niece and several friends living there and like to catch up with them all every now and then.

  2. Looks like a very lovely place to visit. And I love the shot of your cat. Nothing looks quite so at home in the sun as a ginger tabby!

    1. Rupert is a very special cat and I love the way he glows in the sun :)

  3. Great photos love Hagley park Go there often and what a great weather we had Pitty it didn't last

    1. From 30C to 0c in no time at all - lightning, rain and hail. Quite a week! Glad I hadn't put the winter clothes away yet....


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