November 27, 2014

The Last Goodbye - Memory Lane for Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit

For those of us who love the movies..

As we wait for the final movie of The Hobbit Trilogy to be released, the end credit music has been released. Sung by Billy Boyd, aka Peregrine Took....

A wonderful trip down memory lane.
And a tribute to Peter Jackson and his team.

It is incredible how many years New Zealand has been involved in the making of these movies - and how many people here have been involved in their creation. Not to mention the numbers of people who visit here to see the places it was filmed....

Made me quite tearful....


  1. yeh it has been a big success We are lucky to have Peter jackson

  2. I drive through Matamata quite often and it is a very busy little town with tourists wandering the main street and stopping to take photos. The Hobbiton tours leave from there. I havent done one yet but would love to. And the information centre is just amazing, it has been totally remodelled to look like a building from Hobbiton.


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