January 1, 2015

Been a while

It's been a glorious, busy month...and now a brand New Year has begun..

There have been lots of things to do with the students, interviewing new ones and getting results out as the programmes finish.. and of course celebrations, awards and a cosy present for Poppy -

There were birthdays - Jaz in November and Molly had a sleepover when she turned 10 and we had everyone for dinner just before Xmas to celebrate Mum's just over a week ago.

I got to enjoy three Christmas celebrations....
The first had 17 of us at Mum and Dads - friends and travellers from many parts of the world. A fantastic day :)

Poppy and I spent Boxing day with Jaz, Mark, Phoebe, Molly, Caitlin and Rosie sporting designer eyebrows! Turkey and pavlova and yums....

 We played Cleudo -

and finally a lovely dinner with Jo, Nick, Holly, Leighton and Luka and their three new kittens!

and all along, plenty of time to appreciate the flowers Alex has created in the garden, work on the house, explore the the lake and hang out with friends.

Pretty cool.

I hope your Xmas was as fun -
It's been an interesting year, much better than 2013! I look forward to whatever 2015 brings and wish you all good health and happiness.


  1. This sounds wonderful, all of it! Lovely pictures, too. I guess with three new kittens it was clear where most of the attention was - probably not so much on the bought presents :-)

  2. And a belated New Year to you. May 2015 be tremor free.

  3. And from me also a Happy New Year! Onwards and upwards Christchurch!!

  4. What a wonderful time you had with your mum and christmas
    It is a nice time of the year. The dogs and the little kittens are cute and that garden looks great. Off to a good year Happy New Year


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