March 22, 2015

Avonside Then and Now - A Drone's Eye View

Some things just make you want to cry.
When we talk about the "red zone", we mean an area where the land is so badly damaged after the earthquake they buy out all the home owners. Just to the south of where I live many of the home owners have left the beautiful suburb of Avonside that runs along along the Avon river.
Seeing the land so bare just reminds me of how many people lost their homes and their community.
Just sad, sad, sad.

Tomorrow and all week the army are using the land next to us in the red zone of Horseshoe Lake for practice again - we have been warned to expect gunfire and pyrotechnics...
A fact of life after the quakes in suburban Christchurch!


  1. It's shocking isn't it Still hard to comprehend Take care

  2. As with so many of your posts Fi I look at them a few times before I comment. I still feel strange when I see what has happened since the first quake. To someone arriving in Christchurch now there must seem an almost sense of how everything is beginning to normalise but to those who knew it before it must seem exceptionally eerie and emotional.

    1. You find yourself experiencing moments of grief and then a sense of anticipation - usually happens within one drive to anywhere.... nothing like empty space, or war zone like sights to remind you. But I am enjoying exploring a lot of exciting new places and shops and restaurants too - and it helps balance it out :)


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