March 12, 2015

Female Vets - Barbie style

I have been doing something wrong as a vet for thirty years... as in not wearing pink heels and treating Disney Princesses.

As the ratio of female to male vets increases round the world, we have become mainstream and finally arrived as Barbie. I'm really not sure what this message says to potential future vets, or girls, or boys....... kind of scary really. This Barbie doesn't have platinum blonde hair ... is this a sign of greater intelligence in Barbie's world?

Have a laugh, but don't watch it all - too nauseating... I did laugh at the Ariel section - taking the pets heartbeat at about 6.15 minutes and being told off for feeding her pet fish -"but I am a mermaid"!

To give them credit - they weighed the pets and used a stethoscope. They did get something right....

Now where's my little pink jacket with a bow...


  1. Well, Barbie has always had all those jobs many women only could dream about in real life, long before they became "mainstream" - even an Astronaut!
    In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with this; a woman (or man) can look good no matter what their work is :-)
    What I find nauseating about the video is the high-pitched voice!

  2. My, that's quite something. Wonder if they've done a GI Joe version ?


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