March 20, 2015

In which I try to practice mindfulness....

Went walking with the dogs along the river after work. A beautiful day but a cold wind.

There were swans with their babies...

After an exuberant run in the park ( the dogs, not me) I stopped on the way home to enjoy a peaceful part of the park where you can escape the wind and appreciate the warmth of the sun. Weeds swirled in the dark eddy near a culvert,  and Poppy stood watching the movement in fascination. I don't like her going in as the river is a potential sewage risk post earthquake.

I sat at the picnic table, enjoying the moment and capturing it, admittedly by taking photos of it all. ( I said I was trying to practice mindfulness, not that I had succeeded! )

Before long I heard strange noises nearby that sounded like a duck in trouble..... I followed the stream back up the culvert, and what should I find but Poppy.  I don't know if she slipped in or jumped but she chose the dirtiest, weediest part where the steep concrete walls were impossible to climb.
As you can imagine I was very distressed ... immediately pulling out my phone to take a few pictures while calling her back.

The little round black circle on the far wall is Poppy trying to climb the wall - the whole area is weed

I was hoping to get her close enough to haul her out by her collar - she was struggling to swim in the thick weeds.  Wading into the river seemed likely, but eventually she followed me along the river, through the swirling eddy area to a part she could scramble out on her own.

The splashing is a weed covered Poppy swimming along the river trying to find somewhere to get out


We headed home, only to narrowly miss being attacked by the male swan, who flew clean across the lake to have a go at us..... bit of an adrenaline moment. I took this photo when we were safely away and he had given up on us - there was a lot of swan cackling and "high fiving" as he returned to the missus....

Alex helped me bath the drowned rat. She was covered in strange blue goo, bits of weed, oil and grit....

She's drying off in the sun now. A little the worse for wear.

Perhaps I'll practice that mindfulness thing again another time. Preferably when I'm alone!


  1. What an adventure!! Glad to know it has ended well.
    I would not have expected the swans having little ones at this time of the year in your part of the world - over here, yes, because it's spring, but you are nearing winter which is an unusual time for any species to have babies.

    1. I was worried about them being a late family too, but they are well grown and should be ok before winter!

  2. That was a bit scary for you and for poppy. Luckily a happy end
    Nice area to walk though


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