April 14, 2015

Back to Sunny Nelson

I escaped the freezing weather creeping up the country and spent a few days in Nelson with Libby and Davy.  All I can say is it was brilliant timing as it is still very cold back here at home and I got lots of sun over there! There were no earthquakes either - which was a relief after two larger ones last week in Christchurch.
Here is what I missed....
The latest warnings come after the early wintry blast arrived in Christchurch and Wellington this evening after delivering the season's first snowfalls to Otago, Southland and Fiordland earlier in the day.
The temperature plunged to four degrees on the Christchurch Port Hills, winds have been gusting up to 100km/h and there's been hail at times. This is expected to continue tonight, with thunderstorms added to the mix and snow down to 200-300 metres on Banks Peninsula.
Some of the highlights from Nelson were;

Beautiful lunch at Petite Fleur... loved the platters so much I went and bought one later from Nelson Cooperage...

Red Wine Chocolate Mousse and Riesling Cheese cake -

Coffee with new friends - and home baking....

Beautiful pancake brunch at The Boatshed Cafe....on Wakefield Quay.

 We sat on the outer deck and watched the water beneath us...

Shopping at the Nelson Market and a new "Burr Bowl"....

What is a Burr bowl?


Burrs (or burls) are the odd looking lumps seen on trees and are a result of abnormal growth within the tree. The grain pattern within these burrs is often full of whorls and swirls and the outer surface can have interesting peaks and shapes. It is the combination of unusual grain patterns, colouring and external shape that makes burrs so highly sought after when woodturning, for something out of the ordinary in turned wooden burr bowls.The irregular grain and shape makes the woodturners task a little more difficult but the results make the extra effort worthwhile. Natural edge turned burr bowls either have the bark on or off and each creates a different overall effect for the bowl.

We made it to Acoustic Routes Nelson on Sunday where Davy was performing with a few others - He was over here in Christchurch before Easter and then over at the Australian National Folk Festival in Canberra - performing with Helen Webby. Just amazing

 A wonderful final dinner with friends last night - that I was at Massey with, too many years ago to reveal, and a leisurely last breakfast basking in the sun today - a final shop and home.

Beautiful view of the snow on the Alps as I came back over - and a freezing wind to greet me. However, an ecstatic Poppy was in the car with Alex - and Jessie seems happy I am home ... she is well rugged on this chilly evening and the heat pump is going strong!

 A great week and an autumn holiday to remember :)


  1. It sounds like a wonderful break, and I am sure its good effects will last for a while even though you are now back in the cold.
    We're of course on the "opposite" end of the seasons here; spring is lovely and I've even been out to the ice cream parlour for a large "After Eight" cup (chocolate and vanilla ice cream, chocolate and peppermint sauce and a few After Eight dinner mints on top), for the first time this season - certainly not the last ;-)

  2. We have had a long hot summer so our turn for the cold. I hope you enjoy many I e creams :)


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