May 2, 2015

Flying over Christchurch central city....

I have wanted to fly over Christchurch for a better view of the rebuild and this page let's that dream come true...And you can zoom in.



  1. That is amazingly clear. I've just spent breakfast wandering around Christchurch centre. Just going shopping in Stornoway. I shall be back in Christchurch at lunchtime!

    1. One of the things that has struck me quite forcibly is the number of high-rise buildings. I assume that they are all to modern earthquake standards and considered safe (obviously). Are most of them new or are most of them survivors? Either way I think I'd rather be closer to the ground.

    2. There are no new high rises... Although 4-5 storeys seems to be the new limit. The really high are survivors, waiting verdicts in many cases. The police station is being imploded next month. The tall blue tower has collapsed staircases but apparently will be repaired and become a hotel. I have lost track of how many used to be in the gaps!

    3. It must be a relief to potential occupants/employees that there will be no more high rises. I don't think I'd stay in the blue building as a hotel.

    4. I guess they know the locals won't work in it, but visitors need beds.... I haven't been in a real high rise since 2011....


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