June 1, 2015

Happy Birthday to the Queen

It might not be the Queen's real birthday - but it is great to have the extra Monday off and enjoy the sun.
Really, it has just been a fantastic month...  some of the highlights were..

Flowers from James and Jess for Mother's day that lasted for ages and smelled heavenly. A lovely reminder of the day for weeks. Yes, I kept them well out of the way of the cats as they are so toxic for them.

Poppy and I chilling in the sun with Jaz and Mark and the girls... and Rosie.

Baby shower for Jo whose new daughter "Poppy" is due very very soon. Of course I approve of the name! Jo doesn't do pink, so we aimed for lilac colours....

Driving through Christchurch centre at night is amazing - new buildings - new ventures - and I have lost count of the dinners and coffees I have had this month in these new post earthquake places. Engineers Bar, Morrell and Co, Baretta's, Chinwags, Dux Dine, a range of Yum Cha restaurants, and the Belgian Beer Cafe are just a few I visited in the last month.

I particularly enjoyed the Golden Egg with marshmallow and Hokey Pokey at C1 Espresso before seeing the David Bowie movie at Alice's Cinematheque last week...it is one of the few things I took a photo of....

Lunch with friends at Route 72 at Cust yesterday - Mussels, Salmon and Calamari - Heaven...

Mum and Dad and I lunched at the Beach Cafe today and their seafood chowder was the best I have ever had. A beautiful day by the sea - memories to treasure.

I could start writing about Christchurch eateries... but to me they are the vehicle where I get to hang out with friends and have fun - good food just makes the time even better but it's not the focus.  Any excuse to get together... and with the rebuild underway, town is buzzing with new people. Makes me smile - lots :)

And we had another building imploded yesterday...see the video at  http://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press/news/christchurch-earthquake-2011/68996037/watch-christchurchs-central-police-station-implosion

Goodbye old police station. I remember visiting the 14th floor....

In happier news, the huge new sculpture is taking shape on the Northern Motorway. I have been watching it for a while and managed a picture at last.

The six-storey high sculpture, titled Fanfare, will be installed near the Northern Motorway where around 50,000 commuters pass by every day. The piece has been commissioned by the Christchurch City Council and was sculpted by Neil Dawson, who created the chalice that stands in Cathedral Square.
It was originally commissioned for Sydney and hoisted under the harbour bridge in New Year's Eve 2005. However, two years later it was gifted to the people of Christchurch by Lord Mayor of Sydney.

Going to be spectacular when its lit.

Poppy has been busy. She has so many classes and students to get round.  She gets lots of cuddles so she loves it all. 

Its been a stunning long weekend filled with sun,  friends and family.
Just so grateful.


  1. That sculpture is so beautiful, by day as much as by night! I often have a "problem" with modern art, meaning I don't like most of it (or don't see its point), but this one is really good.

    Glad to know you and Poppy are having good times.

    1. I like his work very much. Not so keen on the placement of The Chalice in the central square here, but I like his art.

  2. You're right. It will be stunning when lit.


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