July 6, 2015

A weekend of highs and lows....

A sad weekend - our lovely cat Beatrice has finally gone.  She was almost fifteen... the second to go from the litter of three we adopted so many years ago... Just Rupert left.
We have many happy memories and I can see her grave from the kitchen window.
The house is so quiet without her.  Shed a lot of tears.
Forever remembered for her appetite and smoochy nature...

On a happier note I had dinner out at Burnham and met new baby Poppy.
So gorgeous.  Two weeks old and tiny and precious.
Was lovely to have cuddles.

Then I found out a friend's husband had died...suddenly. Very hard for her and I know what a shock it would have been. It reminded me of hearing about Arch's death. Even harder to cope with the fact it has been five years since he died. Pre-earthquake. So much has changed.  Life plays out its triumphs and tragedies and we just go along for the ride.  It is good to take stock of the highs as well as the lows.

We have recovered from our week of three birthdays in the family - Alex, Jess and Kirsty all share the same week. At least it means we get to do a lot of celebrating, and eat a lot of cake!  Haven't got all the pictures taken back yet so can't post any.

Meanwhile, Kirsty has returned to her studies in Dunedin and says it is freezing down there too - It is  -4C here tonight but not snowing yet. The days have been sunny and this week I am enjoying some time off and looking forward to another trip to Nelson.  Here's hoping the snow doesn't disrupt travel plans!


  1. Highs and lows indeed. Poor sweet little old lady (the cat). You know I've had my share of deaths, too; both pets and people, some very sudden and some less so. Therefore, I can very well relate to how you are feeling right now, and what your friend whose husband died so suddenly is going through. 5 1/2 years now since my husband died completely out of the blue, only a few days after his 41st birthday, and sometimes I still can't believe it and it all seems so bizarre.

    -4 Celsius - that's a huge difference to our nearly 40C...! But then of course we live at opposite "ends" of the planet :-)

  2. Bizarre indeed. It must have been shattering for you Meike. Too young.
    The -4 does mean snuggling in with heaters and woollies but somehow I prefer it to 40c. Still, warm weather again will be nice!

  3. I have got to the stage in life Fiona when one becomes a little more accepting of the fact that the frequency with which we are left contemplating memories of those people and pets who have left us increases. I'm not sure that it makes one grieve less but one does have a different outlook.

    I'm happy for you that you met Poppy and had birthday celebrations to remind you of Good Things.

    1. Been a big wave of deaths lately GB.... Does remind us to live fully!

  4. Oh dear.......sooooo sad. She was such a beautiful girl. Hope we see you soon during the break.


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