July 15, 2015

Home sweet home

Yes I am home - and to a lovely surprise. The family had a working bee while I was away and got a truck in to cart away the extra soil and box in the front garden so that we can fully landscape the driveway.  Having some happy time on Pinterest checking out ideas for plants and arrangements.  Haven't taken pics yet.... later!

While still in Nelson we went up the Maitai River and explored this swimming hole.  Such a gorgeous, peaceful spot..

 We were joined by a couple with their three dogs. Well, actually, although from a distance this looked vaguely like a Brittany Spaniel, we finally recognised from the unusual body language that it was in fact a pet goat. They brought it in the car to play with their dogs,

After a productive morning in Nelson we stopped for coffee and a peaceful spell in the sun at the Crusty Crab on the Monaco Peninsula... yum. http://thepointstudio.co.nz/cafe-crusty-crab/

And had a look at the glassworks in the attached gallery.

On my last day we went to see the latest World of Wearable Arts exhibition - the 2014 garments.  Some stunning work...loved the detialing.

Sulphur Crested Frockatoo

and we popped into Eyebright for a final jewellery haul, and alpaca wool to make a felted hat that should look something like this one! Yeah right - but I am going to give it a go :)


On the Appleby Highway we stopped to take pics of the ruined house that is soon to be demolished...so this picture is for you Meike. I was inspired by your recent post! http://librarianwithsecrets.blogspot.co.nz/2015/07/places-of-interest.html

An article about it was in the Nelson Mail
So a great week. Dinner at Three Rooms Restaurant, coffee at the Grape Escape, catch ups with friends at their home aka Cafe Angelus, and lots of good memories. And of course, five days of sun. A total blessing in mid winter.
Thanks Libby and Davy

It was a great flight home. Nose pressed to the window!

Poppy very happy to see me :)

My cousin Alison from the UK arrives for a visit here on Friday... she's a little busy at the moment paragliding with her sons in Queenstown but will be great to see her again after um um twenty years? Next month her brother Andrew is also due - it never rains but it pours! They were both born in New Zealand but grew up in the UK - and I was the other way round. We intersected for a few years in the middle of the moves.

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  1. Oh, wow, thank you very much, Fiona! That is truly a spectacular scene, the old house and the tree... Thanks also for linking to the article, I have just read it. Glad you had the chance to take a picture before it is gone!
    Sounds like you had a lovely sunny break, and now plenty more to look forward to, such as the family visits and the planning of landscaping.


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