October 18, 2015

Liberation of Spring

Spring is my favourite season... and I have taken time to appreciate it everywhere I have gone this month.
Home is full of little things to appreciate... daffodils, hyacinths, rhododendrons, sweet peas popping up everywhere and the white wisteria in bud.

But the thing that has amused me the most is the view from my bedroom window.
It is full of the most spectacular pink blossom... the best year ever.

For many years the blossom was almost smothered by the white climbing rose growing beneath it. The rose grew up into the branches and dominated the tree...
The resident man of the house would not let the rose be trimmed - so it continued to overtake the pink blossoms.
It wasn't all bad - the white rose was pretty ... but I worried about the tree dying beneath it, and the mass of the rose swamped the driveway...

So when the man left three years ago and his vile nature was exposed, we threw off the rules we had lived by and rescued the tree, The white rose was cut back and the tree was spindly and sparse.....

But we have all grown and recovered. This year the pink blossom has finally been truly spectacular - and the roses peek out along the driveway fence where they belong.
I look out of the window and my heart sings.  
Liberation for us all.


  1. What a touching parallel between you and the pink blossoms' lives...
    It's wonderful to see pictures of spring now as we're mid-autumn here, and spring is a long way off for us.

    1. Yes - I am sorry you are heading back into winter - but I rememer taking pleasure in your pictures of summer - so I hope my posts remind you that it will return again soon :)

      Life is good and it feels great to be "in blossom" myself :)

  2. Great that you all grew and recovered as the blossom is truly spectacular


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