November 28, 2015

Farewells and Celebrations

What a perfect month it has been.  I love living by the river and enjoying the birds... there are babies everywhere. 

The white wisteria is out and the garden is filled with colour...

Its been a month for Birthdays...

I got to spend mine enjoying a long weekend and a Friday off work celebrating with the family. 

and then my friends took me out for a fabulous dinner. Westerley and Susan on the left, Beth with me. It was so good we went back again last week....

and last weekend, Jaz returned from a drink out with Mark on Saturday to find the girls had decorated the house and there were flowers, presents and friends waiting.  There is no way Jaz was turning 40 without some sort of celebration! The girls and Mark did a wonderful job and she was dumbstruck... 

 And as it is also their 15th wedding anniversary this week, Mark arranged for an eternity ring ... it's beautiful.

and many thanks to Graham for sending these wonderful flowers. He has been a great friend and supporter for the last few years to both Jaz and I.  

GB writes a number of blogs - and although he is not able to return to NZ at the moment, we still enjoy his posts from Scotland. Thankful Thursdays particularly! 

It was a perfect, fun, sunny evening...  xxxx

There were some farewells in some of the celebrations.  We had award dinners and a lunch for the last three classes with us this term.  So proud of what they have achieved but polytech seems very empty with them gone. My full time class - a lovely bunch :)  Im happy some are returning next year to do their diploma.

and they gave us beautiful flowers.. which I am still enjoying every day!

The part time class did dinner at Lone Star... my first visit since it reopened after the quakes.   Looking forward to them returning for year 2 next year....

and our Animal Management class opted for a picnic lunch at The Groynes, with all our dogs. It was a hot sunny day and we were glad of some shade and access to the river.   

Note the Rainbow Tail! 
Poppy was in heaven....

Its Xmas in the Park tonight - so  we are off to battle the crowds.

Tomorrow my brother is arriving from Vancouver, so its going to be a very hectic fortnight but it will be great to see him.


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  1. What an enjoyable post! I looked closely at all the pictures and it is so nice to see people happy with each other and with the moment... Lovely flowers and food all around, too, and that picnic in the park had me longing for summer! It'll be quite some time before I'll be able to go about in summer dresses again and feel the sun on my bare arms and legs...


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