November 8, 2015

November already!

Shocked how fast this year has gone... but it has been such a busy few months I guess it is not surprising. Work hard, play hard philosophy keeps me on the go, but balancing it with quiet times has made all the difference to adding contentment.

Lunch with friends - at a gorgeous house overlooking the estuary...

and been watching a little rugby lately... the 4 am semi final game was a killer. Cooked breakfast and front row seats at the big screen at the casino helped, although the tension was almost more than we could bear.  We went back there for the 5 am final game and it was pure pleasure... we cracked the bubbles after a fantastic breakfast - and then went home to catch up on some sleep.
There were 10 players from our local Crusaders team in the All Black squad - so we are a very happy region.. and of course  Dan Carter got the World Rugby Player of the Year award and Richie McCaw collected the award for World Rugby Team of the Year on behalf of the All Blacks.

We will miss these two very much. Dan is off to France and Richie will possibly retire... he hasn't decided. 

I didn't get to the parade - but congratulations to them all.

Last week we had the annual student trip to Peacock Springs
Just search my blog for pervious posts on our trips - always a lovely day. I loved the beautiful female NZ gecko from Northland.
You can read more at this link and see better pictures- including her red tongue that I couldn't capture...

The view down the lake - there are swans nesting next to it. So peaceful...

Went to the fireworks at the pier for Guy Fawkes.. we wined and dined at the restaurant Salt on the Pier and watched the fireworks from there.. a decadent and fun evening, and warm and cosy, sheltered from the cold wind... I took this picture as we waited for the show to start - set to the music of Back to the Future.

Kirsty watched them from up on the hills.. lovely view of the city by night. 

and yes - I would like the sale of fireworks to the public banned - we can plan for one night of preparing the animals, shutting up stock, but it is annoying that the damage and fires and fears have to go on for so many weeks.

On Friday I met Jaz and Mark at the food trucks -we tried the spring potatoes. Loved them...

The girls checked out the furniture...

Went to a lovely welcome to summer barbecue last night after a hot sunny day, and wound up the evening at a 21st - congratulations Nicole, it has been a pleasure to watch you grow up xxxx

and now its the countdown to my birthday - at least I will get the day off as it is Show Day here. And yes, its another Friday the 13th birthday...


  1. In my hometown, we have fireworks set to music every year in August. It is an extremely popular event and usually very well done. Fireworks to the music from BTTF sounds great, and so fitting this year!!
    That's the secret, isn't it, to keep such very busy times balanced with quieter days and nights, allowing enough time just to be on your own.

    1. Yes it was a great theme to the fireworks !
      With five people living in the house, quiet times are to be treasured! I really appreciate a chance to read and catch up on things - and think :)

  2. Glad you had a chance to watch. Summer has certainly arrived in your part of the world !


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